Sustainable fashion and low waste blog

About Me

The Basics.

What's up, I'm Kristin!  These about me sections are never interesting, so here are the basics.  I'm a creative, outgoing, quirky girl from a small town in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I love a home full of plants, oversized tees, and the perfect pair of distressed boyfriend jean.  I have two cats, Bella and Oliver, they are the light of my life.  Yes, I am a crazy cat lady.  I am a huge foodie and lover of wine, so you'll probably catch me trying out a local restaurant in my free time.

The What.

A lifestyle blog about sustainable fashion and low waste.

The Journey.

I want to be able to share my passion and love for fashion.  How styling a new look everyday doesn't have to take up "your time".  I want to show you how to keep your style but also doing it in a sustainable way.  How to minimize your closet while maximizing your everyday outfit.  So, join my journey!